Activated Carbon for Food Processing

Eco-friend offers activated carbon for air and gas purification applications. Activated carbon manufactured by us is widely used in the removal of volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbons.

Activated Carbon for Air purification

Activated carbon finds its applications in the automotive industry for cabin air purification and evaporative emission control purposes. It is also used in cooker hoods and air-conditioning units. Below are listed some more applications-

  • - Ventilation in storage tanks
  • - Solvent recovery
  • - Paint booths
  • - Odor control
  • - Removal of contaminants such as mercury and dioxin from the flue gas
  • - Dry cleaning

Activated Carbon for Gas Purification

Activated carbon is considered extremely effective in gas purification including landfill gases, bio-methane and sewage gas from biogas. Besides, it works wonders in carbon dioxide purification and hydrogen purification. Below are listed some more applications of activated carbon for gas purification.

  • - Mercury removal from natural gas
  • - Fruit storages
  • - Landfill gas
  • - Industrial catalyst applications such as cyanuric chloride production and phosgene production/destruction.

Activated carbon for air and gas purification is also used in the removal of harmful substances from-

  • - Nuclear power plants
  • - Gas masks
  • - Cigarettes

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