Pelletized activated carbon is considered ideal for vapor phase applications. Owing to their uniform shape, these pellets are deemed perfect for applications where a low-pressure drop is a prime requirement.

Pelletized activated carbon can be produced using coconut shell, coal, and wood based activated carbon either by using high-temperature steam activation or chemical activation. The entire process takes place under extremely controlled conditions.

EcoFriend Carbon is a reliable pelletized activated carbon manufacturer with a proven track record. The supplier produces pelletized activated carbon by extruding activated carbon into cylindrical-shaped pellets and hence the name- activated carbon pellets. The diameter ranges between 0.8mm and 5mm.

At EcoFriend Carbon, we are adept at producing pelletized activated carbon products with a unique pore structure and adsorption properties. We offer wood, coal, and coconut shell based activated carbons at competitive prices.

Applications of Pelletized Activated Carbon

  • - Bio-gas filtration
  • - Air filtration
  • - Odor control
  • - Gas-phase applications
  • - Removal of toxic organic contaminants from natural gas
  • - Removal of airborne chemicals
  • - Gasoline vapor recovery from automotive applications

EcoFriend Carbon continues to be a pioneer in the realm of pelletized activated carbon production. Our whole slew of products is backed by comprehensive analysis & support including feasibility analysis. As a premier pelletized activated carbon manufacturer, we are in a league of our own. No wonder, activated carbon pellets produced by us are commonly used for removing volatile organic compounds and mercury from natural gas. They’re also used for odor control.

Benefits of Activated Carbon Pellets

Hard, durable, and low ash content

Activated carbon pellets are not only hard and durable but also contain low ash content. They are perfectly suited for solvent recovery and evaporative emission control.

Available in different diameters

All pelletized activated carbon products manufactured by us have proven physical properties and you can choose the product that suits your needs the best.

Low density and high working capacity

Low density, low diurnal emission, and fewer flow restrictions are some more advantages of pelletized activated carbon.