Granular activated carbon is indispensable to many industries on account of its benefits and applications. This environment-friendly product demonstrates phenomenal adsorption properties.

EcoFriend Carbon is a noteworthy granular activated carbon manufacturer and supplier with an illustrious presence in the realm of the international activated carbon market. Granular activated carbon has irregularly shaped particles with sizes varying between 0.2 mm and 5 mm.

As an eminent GAC provider, we offer granular activated carbon well-suited for numerous applications including liquid, water, and gas-phase applications. GAC is defined as activated carbon retained on a 50 mesh sieve.

At EcoFriend Carbon, we render both direct and agglomerated activated carbon products in Powder as well as various other sizes.

If you wish to know about our entire range of activated carbons, feel free to get in touch with us. At Eco-Friend Carbon, we manufacture coconut, coal, and wood based activated carbons .

Applications of Granular Activated Carbon

  • - Liquid phase applications need better adsorption kinetics as compared to pressure drop and hence granular sizes between 0.2 mm and 2 mm are considered the best
  • - In applications where pressure drop happens to be more critical than adsorption kinetics, granular sizes between 2 mm and 5 mm are used
  • - Used in municipal water treatment
  • - Environment air treatment
  • - Numerous industrial processes
  • - Environmental water treatment
  • - Mercury removal

At EcoFriend Carbon granular activated carbon is way above and beyond a product. Being a GAC provider, we pride ourselves on offering activated carbon products that help us achieve a better and cleaner world. Our premium range of granular activated carbon products and formulations is available at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Granular Activated Carbon

Adsorption properties

GAC offers unparalleled adsorptive capacity and is considered apt for a variety of applications. It is used for the coherent removal of numerous contaminants from liquids, water, gas, and air.

Environment-friendly product

Granular activated carbon is an environment-friendly product. It can be easily reactivated using thermal oxidation and if needed it can be used for the same application multiple times.

Apt for several applications

As an industry pioneer, we can be counted on for granular activated carbon that is perfect for several manufacturing processes and environmental applications.