PAC activated carbon is a go-to option for the removal of OMP (organic micro-pollutants) from secondary effluent. Powder activated Carbon is custom-manufactured to suit your diverse needs and hence it finds its application in several industries.

PAC recirculation is commonplace these days due to the dire need of exploiting optimal adsorption capacity. There are several advantages of using powder activated carbon (PAC) and ease of use is certainly one of them. Besides, it is an economical option which makes it extremely popular.

EcoFriend Carbon is a proud powder-activated carbon manufacturer and supplier with considerable experience.

Applications of Powder Activated Carbon

  • - Residential point of use/entry
  • - Food & beverage industry
  • - Medical
  • - Mercury removal
  • - Industrial process
  • - Energy storage

Applications of Powder Activated Carbon

Effective elimination of odor & taste compounds

The potable water industry has been using powder-activated carbon for a long time for the efficient removal of taste and odor compounds.

Reliable and cost-effective solution

PAC activated carbon is a reliable and cost-effective solution which makes it a ‘go-to’ solution for several industries.

Resource conservation

Achieve superior contaminant removal whilst conserving resources efficiently.

As a distinguished PAC activated carbon supplier, we have an unwavering focus on producing activated carbon with a unique pore structure and adsorption properties that are specifically engineered for each product type. Our experts are adept at finding out which powdered activated carbon product is perfect for your needs. Since our range of powder activated carbon has exceptional adsorption and decolorization properties, they are deemed perfect in several industries including food, water, wine, sugar, and other industries.

Types of Powder Activated Carbon