EcoFriend Carbon is engaged in the manufacturing of granular wood based activated carbon. We produce top-grade activated carbon from selected woods like Babool and Bamboo. The performance of granular wood based activated carbon is determined by several factors including the degree of activation, production methods, and the choice of raw materials.

EcoFriend Carbon- the best granular wood-based activated carbon manufacturer & supplier is quite particular about every aspect of manufacturing. Whether it is choosing the right raw material, appropriate production methods, or packaging, we pay attention to the minutest of details.

Applications of Granular Wood Based Activated Carbon

  • - Vapor phase odor removal
  • - Wastewater purification
  • - Groundwater remediation
  • - Potable water treatment
  • - Industrial emissions
  • - Refinery turnover

Being a reputed activated carbon manufacturer and supplier , our activated carbon products have high adsorption properties and they are cost-effective as well. For more information about our product range, feel free to get in touch with us.