Impregnated Activated carbon works wonders with applications where non-treated carbon fails to be effective. Due to surface impregnation, activated carbon gets chemically modified through a fine and even distribution of chemicals across the internal surfaces of the pores. This process also improves the adsorption capacity of impregnated activated carbon due to the synergism between the carbon and the chemicals. Impregnated activated carbon is an extremely cost-effective way to eliminate impurities from gas streams.

EcoFriend Carbon is an eminent impregnated activated carbon manufacturer from India offering high-capacity impregnated activated carbon products.

Applications of Impregnated Activated Carbon

  • - Water treatment
  • - Gas purification
  • - Removal of corrosive gases (acids) and bases (ammonia and amines), aldehydes, mercury, and inorganic gases

EcoFriend Carbon prides itself on offering a wide array of impregnated activated carbon products that can be used to treat flue gases in generation plants where coal fire is used. Being a renowned impregnated activated carbon manufacturer and supplier, we can fulfill your complex needs with sheer ease.

Benefits of Impregnated Activated Carbon

  • - Easy mercury removal from natural gas purification
  • - Hassle-free ammoniac and amines removal from air
  • - Home water treatment
  • - Fume purification in fume cabinets
  • - Mercury removal during hydrogen gas production
  • - Removal of war gases from NBC filters and gas masks