Eco-friend is a noteworthy wood-based activated carbon powder manufacturer producing wood-based activated carbon powder with a high proportion of meso and macropores as compared to its counterparts. Powder activated carbon is produced by wood’s steam activation.

Owing to its superlative decolorizing properties, it is widely used in several applications including decolorizing juices, sugar liquors, and soya beans among other products. This product is non-toxic and devoid of any taste and color.

Applications of Wood Based Activated Carbon Powder

  • - Used for solvent recovery
  • - Purification of starches, edible oils, and sweeteners
  • - Used in Evaporative Loss Control Devices
  • - Used for decolorizing beverages, pharmaceutical products, and foods
  • - Vapor phase injection systems
  • - Water and wastewater treatment

Eco-friend has established itself as a premier wood-based activated carbon power manufacturer and supplier. Owing to our vast portfolio and state-of-the-art infrastructure with best-in-breed machinery, we can serve several industries with top-shelf wood-based activated carbon powder.

Industries Served with Wood Based Activated Carbon Powder

Benefits of Wood Based Activated Carbon Powder

Large internal surface area

Wood-based activated carbon powder is known for its large internal surface area. It also has a remarkable pore volume that enhances its adsorption capabilities. Besides, good filtration capacity is another advantage of wood-based activated carbon powder.

Small diffusion distance

Apart from a large internal surface area powder activated carbon has a small diffusion distance which makes it ideal for liquid and gas filtration.

Better purity

Wood-based activated carbon powder tends to have more purity than [coal-based Activated carbon]( products. They can be further enhanced by washing if need be. Besides, the pH can also be modified. Powder wood-based activated carbon also has high porosity.

High filtration capacity & mechanical strength

Apart from a highly developed pore structure, our wood-based activated carbon powder has high filtration capacity and superb mechanical strength. It is commonly used in the removal of organic compounds from gases and liquids. This process is called ‘adsorption’.

Being a reputed wood-based activated carbon powder supplier, we can be counted on for tailor-made products well-suited to your specific needs. For more information related to our product range, feel free to get in touch with us.