Ultra-pure water treatment systems call for low conductivity and high purity levels and that’s why acid wash activated carbon is deemed perfect for the application. Our acid washed activated carbon is commonly used to remove heavy hydrocarbons from recovered condensate. Soluble silica is removed from the matrix of the activated carbon to stop leaching. At EcoFriend Carbon, we use selected quality coconut shells & Wood Based Activated Carbon to produce acid washed activated carbon of top-notch quality.

Applications of Acid Washed Activated Carbon

  • - Removal of bad odors and color from water
  • - Dechlorination of water
  • - Effective removal of organic substances
  • - Dialysis treatment
  • - Point of entry treatment units
  • - Protection of RO membranes from chlorine & organic fouling
  • - Condensate de-oiling

EcoFriend Carbon is a trusted acid-washed activated carbon manufacturer and supplier with a global client base. Our acid wash activated carbon is used in several industries/applications including food processing, breweries & distilleries, and municipal water treatment. We have been around for a while and follow all industrial norms in place during the manufacturing of acid-washed activated carbon.

Benefits of Acid Washed Activated Carbon


Acid-wash activated carbon is a cost-effective way of maintaining the activity of activated carbon which is why it is used across several industries.

Used in Multiple applications

Acid Washed Activated Carbon is used in water purification , decontamination of food, pharmaceutical applications, and beverages.

Adsorption of natural organic compounds

Acid-washed carbon is also used in the adsorption of natural organic compounds, odor, taste, and synthetic organic chemicals.