Granular activated carbon made of selected classes of bituminous coal is perfectly suited for VOC gas adsorption purposes. Coal-based granular activated carbon finds its use in several industries and especially in the food & beverage industry application of Activated Carbon as well as in the preparation of high-purity water. This product is preferred due to its low ash content and pH neutrality. It is considered extremely effective in adsorbing and removing numerous contaminants.

Applications of Coal Based Activated Carbon

  • - Beverage processing
  • - DBP removal
  • - Elimination of organic impurities
  • - Dechlorination or chloramine reduction
  • - Water applications needing high purity levels
  • - Hemodialysis
  • - Odor control
  • - Chemical processing

EcoFriend Carbon has established itself as your go-to coal-based granular activated carbon supplier. We are known for producing coal-based granular activated carbon with exceptional VOC adsorption capacity and suitability for multiple regeneration cycles.

Benefits of Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon

Outstanding media for the adsorption of dissolved organics

This form of carbon is deemed effective in the adsorption of dissolved organics and other compounds. These carbons are profusely used in the air treatment industry for odor removal. Apart from these applications, they are also commonly used for the removal of certain contaminants.

Carbons meeting EN12915

At EcoFriend Carbon, we provide carbons meeting EN12915 in different sizes that can be used in municipal water treatment, industrial water processing, and swimming pools.

Adheres to ANSI/AWWA B604 standards

Our coal-based granular activated carbon fully complies with ANSI/AWWA B604’s physical, performance and leachability requirements.