Activated Carbon for Food Processing

EcoFriend Carbon is an established manufacturer of activated carbon for automotive emission control. Emissions from automotive vehicles are a major contributor to air pollution and activated carbons are deemed the most effective to curb the pollution. Activated carbon-filled canisters are used for adsorbing high levels of volatile hydrocarbons. Adsorbed fuel vapors get desorbed when the car is driven and the canister gets regenerated. The adsorption/desorption cycle continues and allows activated carbon to keep doing its task.

Activated carbon with a high surface area & microscopic pores

At EcoFriend Carbon, we manufacture and supply high-quality activated carbons for automotive emission control that are capable of absorbing high levels of volatile hydrocarbons. Our activated carbons have a high surface area used for cabin air filters used for adsorbing a variety of odors and chemicals to maintain a healthy environment inside the vehicle. They also have numerous microscopic pores due to which it attracts a huge range of organic and inorganic compounds. When [Activated Carbon is impregnated]( with specific chemicals, the effectiveness of these carbons gets even more enhanced against specific compounds.

More reasons to choose our activated carbons for emission control

  • - Low density
  • - Continuous absorption and release
  • - Low density
  • - Cost-effective

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