Activated Carbon for Food Processing

EcoFriend Carbon is a reputable player in the field of Activated Carbon for petrochemical catalyst production. As a spearheading manufacturer of activated carbon for catalyst support, we are well-versed with the legislative constraints and ever-increasing market competition. By deploying modern technologies, we have constantly rendered innovative catalytic solutions to our prestigious clientele across the world.

End-to-End Catalyst Support Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry

EcoFriend Cabon has positioned itself as a sought-after activated carbon for catalyst support supplier. Since, we have access to advanced development facilities, research laboratories, and manufacturing plants we can offer comprehensive catalyst support services including choosing the right catalyst, all-around support during operations, and timely technical support in case any technical problems crop up.

Our Offerings in Activated Carbon for Catalyst

Ethylene Cracker Hydrogenation

Our ethylene cracker hydrogenation solutions are aimed at helping producers improve the aggregated value attained from cracked olefin streams.

High purity aromatics

Raw aromatics compounds have olefins in small amounts which are supposed to be removed. EcoFriend’s Activated Carbon for catalysts can remove these compounds quite effectively.

Styrene Production

Styrene is produced through the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene. See the efficiency of your styrene production improving by leaps and bounds and increase the output by using our group of catalysts.

Catalyst Regeneration & Recyclation

At EcoFriend Carbon, we offer catalyst regeneration and recycling services to the petrochemical industry. Whether it is regeneration, picking up your used catalyst, or replacing it; we have you covered.

For more information related to our range of activated carbons for catalyst support, feel free to get in touch with us.