Activated Carbon for Food Processing

Activated carbon is deemed highly effective in the removal of organic impurities across many industries and gold mining is no exception either. Activated carbon is a form of processed carbon with small and low volume pores. These small and low volume pores increase the surface area for improved adsorption capabilities. The use of activated carbon for gold mining isn’t new at all and owing to its outstanding performance and minimum attrition loss properties, it is considered perfect for gold recovery.

Activated Carbon for Gold Mining: Various Applications

EcoFriend Carbon is a sought-after producer and supplier of activated carbon for gold mining and our Activated carbon for gold recovery is trusted and leveraged by gold mining companies across the globe. Our high-end technology allows us to manufacture high density carbons with particle to particle consistency. Owing to these properties you achieve desired results in various applications including-

  • - CIP (Carbon-in-Pulp)
  • - CIL (Carbon-in-Leach)
  • - CIC (Carbon-in-Column)

What makes our Activated Carbon for Gold Mining a Cut Above?

  • Microporous special coconut & wood based activated carbon
  • Phenomenal attrition resistance
  • Superb adsorption kinetics
  • Excellent gold adsorption capacity
  • Minimized gold loss due to breakdown of carbon particles

For more information related to our activated carbon for gold mining, feel free to get in touch with team EcoFriend Carbon today.