Activated Carbon for Food Processing

Mercury emissions occurring from coal-fired generators, industrial boilers, and cement production plants have always posed a threat to environmental balance. Mercury’s persistence and toxicity cause massive air pollution apart from clogging our waterways. Limiting mercury emission is the need of the hour and as a market leader in the production of innovative activated carbon for mercury removal, we continually develop new products that meet your requirements. Mercury adsorption is needed on account of various reasons including human health and aquatic ecology.

Meet Strict Environmental Regulations in an Economical Way

Our plant-tested and proven technology helps you economically capture mercury while meeting stringent environmental regulations without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Our activated carbons are ideal for the treatment of flue gas compositions.

Our Activated Carbon Offerings for Mercury Removal

Whether you are looking for granular, powdered, or pelletized activated carbon for mercury adsorption, EcoFriend Carbon has you covered. Being a trusted player in the field of mercury removal, we offer products specifically tailored to your needs.


Our Activated carbon for mercury removal is used in several industries including-

  • - Plastic industry
  • - Pulp industry
  • - Cement industry
  • - Oil refinery

For more information about our mercury adsorption activated carbon products, feel free to touch base with us.