Activated Carbon for Food Processing

Activated carbon removes contaminants through adsorption by attracting and binding unwanted molecules to the surface of the carbon. Activated carbon can be impregnated to enhance its performance. A variety of chemical compounds or metals are used for impregnating activated carbon . Toxic and hazardous contaminants get chemically neutralized.

Applications of Powder Activated Carbon

EcoFriend Carbon manufactures and supplies activated carbons for personal protection which are profusely used in respiratory protective equipment for safeguarding respirator users. Respiratory protective equipment is essential for millions of respirator users across the world inclusive of warfighters and industrial workers who have to work amidst dangerous working conditions.

We pride ourselves on having an extensive portfolio of [activated carbon products]( that provide superlative protection against several contaminants including

  • Chemical warfare agents
  • Toxic & dangerous industrial chemicals
  • NIOSH gases
  • Many other contaminants

High-Grade Activated Carbons for Individual & Collective Protection

Being a pioneer in the production of activated carbon for personal protective equipment, we emphasize continual improvement. Due to our modern research capabilities and comprehensive database backed by a whole slew of other tools, we can offer effective and economical solutions to our clientele.

No matter how complex your needs are EcoFriend Carbon has a customized solution for your needs. Try sharing your custom needs to find out.