Activated Carbon for Food Processing

Activated carbons are copiously used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacturing of a whole slew of pharmaceutical compounds. Activated carbons are used in either powder or granular form. At EcoFriend Carbon, we offer top-grade activated carbons for pharmaceutical industry that are used in a number of applications including the purification of amino acids, mineral acids, biodiesel glycerine, and APIs.

Activated carbons are also used for amine & glycol purification and also for removing impurities from gas scrubber systems. EcoFriend Carbon’s activated carbons are not just useful in the manufacturing process, but also in the recovery of off-spec materials. We offer a wide range of PAC (powdered activated carbons) and GAC (granular activated carbons) to improve the purity levels.

Coconut, Coal and Wood Based Activated Carbons for Pharma Industry

EcoFriend Carbon specializes in the production of top-grade coconut, coal and wood based activated carbons . We leverage our extensive knowledge and vast experience to help our customers select the right processing conditions and activated carbon as an adsorbent.

We remain an obvious choice for our clients as we understand that paying attention to their needs is pretty crucial for the manufacturing, packaging and delivery of quality assured high-end supplies.