Activated Carbon for Food Processing

EcoFriend Carbon is an established manufacturer and supplier of activated carbon for soil bioremediation. With demand for ‘brownfield sites increasing at an exponential pace for residential and commercial construction, soil amendment has become an intrinsically important part. The removal of undesired organic pollutants from the soil and groundwater is essential for the purpose. Activated carbon filters are used in conjunction with sand filters to clean up contaminated sites. VOCs and odorous compounds are removed by using carbon filters. Activated carbon for soil bioremediation is needed to achieve this purpose.

A Whole Range of Soil Amendment Activated Carbon

EcoFriend Carbon remains an undisputed pioneer in the activated carbon manufacturing industry. We offer granular activated carbon (GAC) for liquid phase soil amendment and extruded pellets which are used for the removal of VOCs and odors.

We also offer Activated Carbon for mobile carbon filters of variegated sizes that are used in the liquid phase and gas phase process streams. As your go-to activated carbon for soil bioremediation provider, we offer full site services, reactivation, and necessary engineering support, you need from the ground-up.

For more information related to our range of activated carbons for soil amendment, feel free to touch base with our team.